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About Us

Our idea of Nested farms was generated in 2017, when two of our board members ate some eggs in hill stations of Uttarakhand. (In their friend’s farmhouse).

They found the taste and creaminess of that egg very exclusive, very rich, good, and nutritional too. The most amazing fact with those eggs was their Orange colored yolk. The hens that lead to those eggs were fed very handsomely and their diet consisted of whole grains, herbs, and all-natural ingredients like flaxseed (alsi), turmeric root, and foremost non-chemical water. Don’t get amazed by the fact that hands were eating flax seeds and turmeric roots because in rural hill areas flax seeds and turmeric roots are found abundantly and also are relatively economic. Both of our founders was really impressed by the quality and after returning to their homelands cities both searched for the same quality of eggs in their nearby markets. They bought some package eggs that were available in their markets but the quality they tasted in hills was far better than those eggs available in their nearby markets. After trying a lot of packaged eggs both had the same thought in their mind that those hills eggs should be available to all consumers who want to have all-natural organic eggs on their tables at breakfast or in any day timing. Both founders went again to that farm and wrote down the exact composition of feed and other herbs per hens. There they also noticed that the behavior of hens was quite active and hens were very happy in their habitat. Initially, both founders thought to open small farms of around a hundred hens for self-consumption only. In March 2017 they started the small farm with only 110 chicks in it. They both used to distribute the surplus eggs in their friend circle, and whoever used those eggs, always suggested to them to increase the production so that everyone can have these good quality eggs. In the last months of 2017, when Mr. Ravinder had an investment opportunity he decided to do egg farming for commercial purposes also. In 2018, the first flock Nested Farm of 5000 birds started. They begin supplying about 4000 eggs in Delhi’s nearby markets. Bata’s founders were focused on maintaining the quality of eggs and that remained their first priority to date also. As the demand increased the number of happy hens in Nested farms kept increasing without compromising the quality. As of the present date, there are around 34000 happy hens in nest farms and over 1400 retail stores in Delhi NCR Chandigarh and Jaipur are selling Nested Eggs.

We are still innovating and experimenting in every way to further increase the quality of eggs. We are trying to maintain the quality standards of USDA.

We are the first company in India in egg production that is BQR organic certified and also ISO 9000:2015, HACCP and GMP certified.

We are the promised quality all-natural eggs in whatever these situations are and our vision is to grow as the first Indian company in egg production to comply with all European standards.


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