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Benefits of Nested Eggs

An egg is what a hen eats and how hens feel. At nested farms, we give an excellent diet and the perfect environment for hens and in return, they bless us by giving the best quality, all-natural, healthiest Orange yolk eggs.

By serving the healthiest diet and Idol environment to hens, in return, we get the best quality orange yolk eggs that are:

1) first and foremost antibiotics and are chemical-free.
2) Healthiest Orange yolk egg that gives the best nutrition and taste.
3) Extra protein than normal eggs.
4) less cholesterol.
5) 66% more vitamin A
6) rich in Omega 3
7) Creamy taste and exclusive flavor.
8) seven times more beta carotenes
9). More vitamins minerals and Calcium than regular eggs.
10)100% natural organic eggs.
11) Nonfertile eggs.
12) Fresh and direct from the farms.
13) No guilt of cruelty on animals.


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